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September 16, 2012
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Full Moon Not

(This is not related to the "Full Moon" fic series, but bares the werewolf element. It is made simply to exorcise a thought from my mind.)

  The moon shined bright over the patch lab. Within it, Medusa lay resting on the couch. Ever since she came here looking for help with the werewolf curse, Stein has been busy in the back room, looking through the internet for a way to cure her. Not too long after she came, Marie found out about her and reluctantly agreed to help, mainly by watching over Medusa. Perhaps it was her cuteness, or maybe how sad yet social she seemed, but Marie seemed to warm up with Medusa.

  Tonight, outside the lab, another werewolf slowly wandered through the night. His nose was against the ground, following a scent, one he knew all to well. The wolf's hands were very bony while his feet were massive. His fur was pink and very bushy around his head. Something about the scent was obviously making him happy for his tail was wagging energetically. The smell led him into the lab as he opened the door. He continued a few more feet before he stopped in front of the couch. He looked up to see Medusa sleeping. His puppy eyes lit up with joy as he recalled past memories with her, for he was a close lover of Medusa's. This was Typhon. Typhon examined every detail of his beloved. He listened to her calm breathing as she slept. Typhon leaned in close to Medusa's body savoring her aroma as he lightly dragged his face along her soft body. As he caressed her, Typhon felt Medusa's hand slowly move over his head. He looked to see her face. She wasn't awake, but a light smile showed. Apparently, she was enjoying Typhon's touch. Typhon moved to her face, licking it lovingly. Soon enough, Medusa's eyes gently opened. They shot wide open when she saw Typhon. She moved quickly to his face, sniffing wildly. The two reveled in each other's scent as they layed their hands on each other. For so long, they were apart, and now they were firmly pressed against one another, savoring every sense that they were experiencing of each other.

  Marie entered with some groceries, greeted with a surprising sight. Medusa was lying on the floor with Typhon over her, his face sniffing everywhere from her stomach to her face. "Another one" Marie said, gaining the attention of the two werewolves. Typhon had no idea who this person was. He nervously whimpered as he crawled under the coffee table. Medusa moved to Marie, rubbing her head against her leg, obviously kissing up. Marie looked down at her and then to Typhon for a good long moment. She then sighed and headed to the back room. Before going through the doors, she turned to the two werewolves a small but noticeable smile showing. "Try not to make too much noise you too" she said jokingly. "I don't wanna have to deal with a litter of werepuppies." With that, Marie went through the doors. Medusa headed by Typhon's side and lightly licked his face in an attempt to relax him. Typhon slowly moved out from under the table as Medusa gestured for him to get onto the couch. Typhon did as she wanted and layed down on it. Medusa then crawled up and laid down onto him. Typhon was enjoying the warmth of her body as well as her face nuzzling lovingly into his neck. He slowly closed his eyes, letting sleep take over.


  Typhon woke up to the warm feeling of Medusa's smooth bare flesh against his back. He could feel her fingers slowly and gently dragging along his shoulders. He turned his head and looked up to see her bright smile and her loving golden eyes. She leaned in, kissing his cheek. "I missed you so much" she said softly. Typhon gently rolled over onto his back to look up at his beloved. "I missed you too" he said back to her. He placed his arms around Medusa, holding her closely, never to let go. Neither Typhon nor Medusa cared if they spent their whole lives cursed to be werewolves. If they were together through it all, that would be enough for the both of them. "It seems much has changed since all those years ago" Typhon said, noticing Medusa's black hair and the spider web mark under her left eye. "Yes they have" she replied. "Ill tell you everything."
Just a random werewolf TyDusa oneshot I wanted to get from mind to type. Enjoy.
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Very nice. And by the way, have you read the latest chapter of Soul Eater, chapter 101?
Yep, and saw the raws for 102 in RolosLover's journal entry. :3
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